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@Friendica Entwickler Marek They all display distorted as landscape on my device on my node 🤣
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Thank you for having a look at / confirm it. I guess this is a new issue.
@Friendica Entwickler Marek Is it related to new code you are working or existing code?
Existing develop branch. I never touched scaling, but searched for it in the last half an hour, but did not find a place except the public function getFromBlurHash(string $blurhash, int $width, int $height) function (no idea what's their purpose, but I saw some couple of commits regarding the blur hash topic recently). This method is the only one that calls a scaling function Images::getScalingDimensions($width, $height, 90); in Images.php here:
The phenomena is not exclusive to my dev instance here, but also occurs on my live private instance also on dev:

Might be caused by a commit after new stable 2022.12 (current stable) since the on my instance running stable everything is (still) fine:
Thank you for providing the screenshots! :-) That's why I assume it is an issue in the back end when those previews are created.
@Roland Häder @Mihai von Glogowatz This is my fault. I deleted the test photos last night heedlessly without considering that I included them in this post -.-
What is the base version of your instance?
The problem does not occur in last stable (2022.12) but from some later commit on current develop branch.
Thank you so much for your valuable research. That helps a lot. Now I have a suspicion: It is related to the rotation. I opened one of the affected images in GIMP and here I see (testing portrait screenshot by the way):

I will look in the changes
for this.
I identified and addressed the problem. Thank you @Hank G ☑️ , @Roland Häder , @utzer ~Friendica~ , @Mihai von Glogowatz , @Hypolite Petovan , @Tio for the great support!

Pull request created:
Mäh! Now, no image grid was created. :-D